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Why the Healing Nature Trail?

The creation of the Healing Nature Trail was inspired by the Japanese practice Shinrin-yoku, or Forest Bathing. Forest bathing has been proven to lower heart rate and blood pressure, reduce stress hormone production, boost the immune system, and improve overall feelings of wellbeing. Scientific research shows that inhaling tree-derived compounds—known as phytoncides—reduces concentrations of stress hormones and enhances the activity of white-blood cells known as natural killer cells.

There are no to-do lists in the forest. Just being in the presence of the trees with no other agenda but to connect in is all that is needed. When people allow themselves to be still, they become present with the subtle sensations found only in nature, opening a doorway into another realm. Connecting with nature can shift the perceptions of your everyday world in profound ways. What follows becomes your own journey into peace of mind, tranquility, inspiration, and curiosity.

About the Trail

The entrance to the Healing Nature Trail is marked by a cairn for trail users to take and leave remembrance stones. Just a few yards beyond the cairn is the Threshold Bridge, which begins on one end of an expansive wetland area, and ends on the other side where the Trail continues into the forest. Walking over the bridge is the first step to leaving the busyness of daily life behind and giving oneself permission to let go and be immersed in the healing and replenishing energy of nature.

The Trail was designed to provide a metaphor for the healing journey, offering multiple paths, alcoves for personal reflection, and log benches nestled between elder trees overlooking bodies of water along the way. All paths are suitable for barefoot walking which allow users to feel more fully the healing energies of Nature and the Earth.  Plate-size finger labyrinths will be available to take on the trail, which allows one to experience a labyrinth in whatever space calls you. There are no rules. The most important factor is conscious intent to be open to both self and nature.

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The Healing Nature Trail Photo Gallery

Cairn at the beginning of the trail

Entrance to the Threshold Bridge

Early morning view from the Threshold Bridge

The beginning of the Nature Healing Trail below

Short walkway over wetlands

Along the barefoot path

Birch log bench sitting area

Second birch log bench sitting area

30 ft. boardwalk over wetlands

30 ft. boardwalk over wetlands

From the boardwalk onto the barefoot path

Elder rocks under the pines

Birch log sitting area next to wetlands

View of the wetlands

The trail winding through the pines

Along the trail

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