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About the Cosmorinth

The Healing Nature Center is in the process of building a cosmorinth, an elevated platform for visitors to experience the meditative benefits of conscious stargazing. Built with donated and refurbished wood, the cosmorinth is nestled between a row of pine trees and a beautiful view of the wildflower labyrinth below. A spiral staircase will lead to the top of an elevated 8x8’ platform, which will provide cushioned seating and a telescope for leisure star-gazing.

The Cosmorinth Pillar Stones

Inspired by the shipbuilding, tradition of placing a gold coin beneath the mast before it is raised, symbolic stones, called Pillar Stones, have been placed beneath the cosmorinth’s primary support pillar: meteorite, tektite, and moqui. In shipbuilding, this gesture was done with the intention of making the ship’s voyages safe and fruitful. For the cosmorinth, the intention is the same.

Meteorite is the result of particles from asteroids or comets surviving both intense heat and speed upon entering Earth’s atmosphere. It’s placement under our foundational pillar is intended to symbolize a foundational cosmic presence to the viewing platform, as well as a reminder of the boundless and infinite possibilities of the cosmos.

Tektite is composed of silica and is formed when large comets or asteroids make contact with the Earth. The energy created in the impact causes terrestrial rock to melt and throws it into the atmosphere. After a time, this rock falls back to Earth, having undergone transformation to Tektite. These stones may be considered the offspring of both the Earth and Sky, just as we are. They symbolize our cosmorinthian journey: coming from the Earth, venturing into the Sky, transforming, and eventual return to the Earth.

Moqui stones, also known as Shaman’s Marbles, are concretions of sandstone encased within iron oxide. In Hopi legend, it is said that ancestors use these stones to play marble games, leaving the marbles when they leave in order to let their living relations know they are happy. The moqui symbolizes the acknowledged connections between past, present, and future, and serves as a reminder that healing from yesterday, to experience a better tomorrow, begins today.

The Benefits of Star Gazing

Humans have always found images that echo the archetypal self in the cosmos. We connect those bright, flickering lights in an effort to see and understand ourselves, our place in time, and to question our origin in the heavens. New understandings and insights can come from looking at the stars, and also the dark void of space in between. Science now suggests that engaging in awe-inspiring activities, such as stargazing, can expand our perception of time, anchoring us in the present moment. Awe pulls us out of the narrow experiences of our individual lives and connects us with the greater world, inspiring deeper relationships, empathy for others, and altruism. When you look up at the stars, what do you see? Perhaps more importantly, how do you experience yourself within the ever-expanding cosmos?

Cosmorinth Photo Gallery

The beginning

Digging holes for the pillar and posts
Rock-lined path leading away from cosmorinth

Posts are in. Getting ready to raise the pillar that will become the winding stairway

Raising the pillar
Raising the pillar
Raising the pillar
Packing the pillar with salt and dirt/sand
Packing the pillar with salt to preserve the wood
The raised pillar
Stone-lined path leading towards cosmorinth
Cosmorinth with platform and pillar
Donated poles
Donated log for the staircase
Donated log for the staircase
Donated log for staircase

Chainsawing the stairs

Leveling the stairs

How old was this tree?

Curing the wooden slabs

Putting the stairwell together

Safety always comes first 

Building the stairway

Building the stairway 



Check back for more photos as we continue building the Cosmorinth!

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