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Healing Nature Center

Three Lakes, Wisconsin

The Healing Nature Center is the newest branch of Teaching Drum Outdoor School that is dedicated to offering individuals and groups a place to connect with the restorative and healing powers of nature.

About the Healing Nature Center

Inspired by the nature-based healing practices of indigenous people and therapists’ requests for a supportive place to work with clients in nature, the Healing Nature Center is being designed with the understanding that nature can foster physical and emotional healing. Scientific research shows that inhaling tree-derived compounds—known as phytoncides—reduces concentrations of stress hormones and enhances the activity of white-blood cells known as natural killer cells. 

Walking the Healing Nature Trail can help restore emotional balance, lower heart rate and blood pressure, reduce stress hormone production, boost the immune system, and improve overall feelings of wellbeing.

The wildflower-bordered labyrinth will offer visitors a symbolic method of leaving behind the pressures and stresses of daily life to gain more clarity and awareness for what lies ahead, inspiring a deeper connection and trust with oneself.

The Cosmorinth, a meditative stargazing platform overlooking the labyrinth, can encourage tranquility and inspire creativity through meditation and wonderment. These are just a few of the features that the Healing Nature Center will offer.

THE HEALING NATURE CENTER is currently in the developmental stage. We are offering tours for therapists and other healers, and plan to be fully open to the public within the next six months. The Center will offer retreat space, workshops, and Healing Nature Trail guided tours. Our center lodge will feature trail maps, healing books, drums and rattles, art supplies, talismans, finger labyrinths, notebooks,  and aromatherapy essential oils. We hope you’ll subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about our grand opening and upcoming workshops!

If you are a therapist or healer who would like to learn more about how you can work with the Healing Nature Center, please visit the Contact Us page to send us a message.



Healing Nature Center’s 90-Day Fundraiser!

We have received a matching grant!
Make a donation and it will be doubled up to $10,000! All donations are tax deductable and will go toward the Healing Nature Center building and healing nature trail renovations.


Job Opening: Director, Healing Nature Center
We are looking for the right person to oversee the Center’s operations! The ideal candidate for directorship holds a degree in psychology or one of the other healing arts, has a love of nature and a deep respect for his or her healing powers, and is an effective communicator. You can view the job description here.

The Healing Nature Center is a subsidiary of Teaching Drum Outdoor School, a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization. Learn more about Teaching Drum and its other subsidary in the links below.

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The Healing Nature Trail

The Healing Nature Trail

The Healing Nature Trail is marked by a cairn for trail users to take and leave remembrance stones. Just a few yards beyond the cairn is the Threshold Bridge, which begins on one end of an expansive wetland area, and ends on the other side where the Healing Nature Trail continues on into the forest. The Trail is designed to provide a metaphor for the healing journey, offering multiple paths, alcoves for personal reflection, and log benches nestled between elder trees overlooking bodies of water along the way. All paths are suitable for barefoot walking. 

The Threshold Bridge

The Threshold Bridge

The Threshold Bridge begins on one end of an expansive wetland-forested area, and ends 65 feet on the other side where the Healing Nature Trail continues into the forest. Walking over the bridge is the first step to leaving the busyness of daily life behind to become immersed in the healing and replenishing energies of nature. It is our hope that the Threshold Bridge will help prepare each visitor for their experience on the Healing Nature Trail ahead.  

The Wildflower Labyrinth

The Wildflower Labyrinth

The Wildflower Labyrinth is located in a grassy field surrounded by Jack Pine and Balsam Fir trees, and is designed to offer healing and restoration to both humans and nature alike. It is our hope to provide the healing benefits of the labyrinth in a number of ways to those seeking the experience. Here, one can prepare themselves for the Healing Nature Trail ahead, or simply utilize the labyrinth as it’s own complete meditation.

The Cosmorinth

The Cosmorinth

The Healing Nature Center is in the process of building a cosmorinth, an elevated platform for visitors to experience the meditative benefits of conscious stargazing. Built with donated and refurbished wood, the cosmorinth is nestled between a row of pine trees and a beautiful view of the wildflower labyrinth below. A spiral staircase will lead to the top of an elevated 8x8’ platform, which will provide cushioned seating and a telescope for leisure star-gazing.

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